1863 is a multi-layered production entity. We collaborate with an array of artists, filmmakers, songwriters, producers and designers to create products in the visual (film/ TV/ Web) and music spaces. 1863 houses a production company, a record label and a music publishing company.   

We are committed to the development, publishing, management and promotion of our products and assets while highlighting the work of filmmakers, screenwriters, songwriters, producers, directors and performers. We are storytellers who utilize a plethora of platforms, mediums and genres to convey narratives that are seldom heard. The characters that we create can be intriguing, misunderstood, comedic, sinister, inspirational or any other attribute that our writers’ imaginations allow them to conceive.

Our team of talented and dedicated industry professionals has a wealth of knowledge and boasts several decades of experience in multiple facets of the entertainment industry. We aim to ensure that our collaborative works find a permanent space in the broader entertainment ethos, on your devices and at the highest levels of the world’s artistic platforms.